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Jon Suede Jury. MC, ever-growing designer, beat-maker & photographer. Ravenous type-ophile & style-ophile. A Brooklyn Good Guy. Gawk at my influences and creations.
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Today was a good day: taught a #music #production workshop for teens at #Yale. All in a day’s work. Grateful. #tfs #jeveryday
do you ever feel so abyssmally bored with & unimpressed by the antics/routines around you that  temporarily, for just a split second, the whole world seems arbitrary? In those times, art is the only smelling salt that can bring me back.
Authentic #Brooklyn experiences. #SpikeLee #SuedeJury
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The BGG club house is closing Friday. Let’s have a last hurrah during #BushwickOpenStudios before we relocate. #BGGonEverything